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Winergy Equilibrium Condition is a premium quality conditioning mixture that gains its energy from fibres and oils to help reduce the level of starch in the feed. Because energy comes from these slow release sources there is less chance of fizziness and your horse may get some improved stamina. Even though horses are large and robust their digestive system is rather delicate and intricate meaning we have to be careful what is put in. Too much starch reduces digestive efficiency whilst more fibre and oils help your horse get the most out of their food.
The blend of slowly, moderately and rapidly fermentable fibres, unique to Winergy Equilibrium

Condition delivers balanced hindgut fibre fermentation which helps guard against fluctuations in pasture and your forage supply.

Nutritional Information

Energy 12.4 Mj/kg, Oil 10%, Protein 14%, Fibre 15%, Starch 10%, Copper 30 mg/kg, Zinc 125 mg/kg, Selenium 0.4 mg/kg & Vitamin E 500 iu/kg