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Versele Laga Country�s Best Show 4 Pellet is an extra small 2 mm pellet that is a complete feed for fancy fowl like pheasants, partridges & guinea fowl. The pellet has been formulated to be used throughout the breeding period as it is high in digestible proteins & calcium to ensure a healthy lay. Always provide grit & fresh water for an easier digestion.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids promote optimal feather colouring and shiny plumage
  • Pure products without coccidiostat, for a natural growth and lay


wheat, maize, soy feed (produced from genetically modified soya), wheat gluten feed, calcium carbonate, rape seed feed, rice bran, sunflower seed feed, maize gluten feed, wheat bran, linseed, monocalcium phosphate, soya bean oil, palm oil, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate