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Oropharma Mite-Killer is an effective and ecological mite and flea treatment product. It combats red mites, feather mites, fleas and lice in pigeons, birds and fowl (e.g. ornamental birds and chicken).

Mite-Killer physically combats the red mites, does not contain any chemical insecticides and presents no risk of developing resistance. Red mites are a real nightmare for you and your birds. Red mites hide during the day and come out of nooks and crannies at night to feed on your birds' blood. Adult birds will eventually show symptoms of weakness such as fluffed feathers and less activity. If the lice are present in nests the youngsters are attacked from birth and can already die within 4 to 6 days. Due to their short reproductive cycle a red mite population can double every 6 days. Red mites can survive 8 to 9 months, even in the absence of birds! Hence the need for effective combating and preventive treatment of your cages and houses.

Mite-Killer is based on silicates with high absorption of oils and fats. When the mite crawls over these small particles, these get stuck between its joints and cause decreased movement. These particles damage the protective wax layer which results in dehydration and death.

Directions for use: Take your pigeons/birds out of their cage. Cover drinking and food trays and clean thoroughly. Spray Mite-Killer on perches, nesting boxes, under nesting trays, ... and in all corners, nooks and crannies where red mites, mites and fleas may be hiding. Apply two thin layers in succession. Repeat the treatment as necessary or when the white layer of powder is covered by dust. Tne spray can cover 4 to 8 m�.