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Versele Laga Traditional Breeding & Moulting Olympia. High-quality breeding and moulting mixture. Ideal breeding and moulting mixture with red and yellow maize. Ideal protein content in combination with Colombine Success Corn I.C.+ in the breeding and moulting period. Can be enriched with Colombine Success Corn I.C.+ or Colombine Energy Corn I.C.+ depending on the season.

red maize 10%, premium cribs maize 15%, toasted soja beans 1%, maple peas 2%, dun peas 3%, yellow peas 10%, large green peas 6%, tares 2%, white pigeon wheat 18%, yellow dari 7%, red dari 10%, safflower 2%, pigeon barley 4%, broken rice 2%, small striped sunflower seeds 2%, hempseed 2%, yellow millet 2%, brown linseed 1%, black coleseed 1%

Analytical constituents
crude protein 11.5%
crude fat 6%
crude fibre 4%
crude ash 2%
carbohydrates 63%