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Versele Laga Traditional Red Breeding Subliem is a complete breeding mix to feed your pigeons to help ensure that you get a good yield from our birds. Breeding mix should be used in conjunction with a diet or depurative mix to ensure that you get the best results possible.


Plate Maize 12%, Red Maize 17%, Small French Cribs Maize 1%, Toasted Soya Beans 6%, Maple Peas 7%, Dun Peas 7%, Yellow Peas 6%, Large Green Peas 4.5%, Tares 4%, Mung Beans 1%, White Pigeon Wheat 13%, European White Dari 7%, Red Dari 4.5%, Safflower 6%, Broken Rice 1%, Peeled Oats 1%, Hempseed 1%, Buckwheat 1%