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VetSpec SuperLite� Senior Formula is designed to address the nutritional challenges that dogs face as they reach their more senior years. It consists of a complex Veterinary Specification supplement within a CEREAL-GRAIN-FREE Super Premium dog food including 50% Chicken with added vegetables and herbs. In particular, older dogs need optimum nutrition to support a healthy immune system, which means a diet rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A, E and C and other natural sources (e.g. Rosemary).

They are also often overweight because they are less likely to be as active and therefore need less calories on a daily basis. Just as important for older dogs is that they need more nutritional support to maintain healthy flexible joints. These complex requirements are all now built into a single delicious complete dog food - VetSpec SuperLite� Senior Formula. When fed at the recommended rate additional individual supplements are therefore no longer required.

Ideal for
�Elderly dogs prone to weight gain
�Senior dogs needing a lowcalorie diet
�Older dogs with poor mobility
�Overweight dogs being treated by aveterinary surgeon
�Greedy dogs that need feed