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Sneyds Wonderdog Special is a complete working dog diet enriched with weetsweet. Weetsweet enhances the taste and texture of the food and is a highly digestible form of glucose which can be useful throughout your dogs life cycle.

Sneyds Wonderdog Special also contains Chondroitin & Glucosamine. Used widely by humans, now proven to maintain joint health care in dogs. Cartilage and other related structures like discs, tendons and ligaments are continuously being remodelled in health, being worn away during activity and then reformed against afterwards. Chondroitin and glucosamine are proven to repair process.

With Cod liver oil � Again for joint care and to help with coat conditions.

Why Wonderdog Special?

  • Highly palatable
  • Dust free 
  • Improves lubrication & mobility 
  • High in Cod Liver Oil 
  • Improves coat condition 
  • Exceptional value for money 

Composition: Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives, Various Sugars, Oils and Fats (0.4% cod liver oil), Minerals (0.4% Chondroitin & Glucosamine).

Additives:  Antioxidants, Preservatives. Nutritional Additives / Kg Vitamins: Vitamin A 17,000 i.u., Vitamin D 1,500 i.u., Vitamin E 70mg. Trace Elements: Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 4mg, Sodium Selenite 0.2mg, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 32mg, Ferrous Sulphate Monohydrate 200mg, Manganous Oxide 81mg, Zinc Oxide 139mg.

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein � 24% Fat Content � 10% Crude Fibre � 4% Crude Ash � 6.5%