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Sheba Tray Select Slices knows what cats like and Sheba menus are perfect for choosy cats, with lots of different varieties so your cat can look forward to something different every day. Whether your cat loves fish, meat or poultry, there is something to please every palate with these mouth-watering dishes. Made with delicious, top quality ingredients, your cat will love these tasty Sheba menus. Each one is a complete, balanced meal. The recipe is so delicious that there is no need for artificial taste enhancers, colourings or preservatives. And all available in practical portioned trays in an economical saver pack. Your cat will adore the natural, pure taste of Sheba menus.

Sheba Sauce Lover Trays a glance:

    For all adult cats
    High quality ingredients
    No artificial aromas
    No artificial preservatives
    Natural flavour
    Balanced and holistic
    Easy portioning for useful trays