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NAF Thrive has the unique ability to help maintain an even temperament in horses fed high grain or concentrated diets. When horses are fed concentrate feed, nutrients can pass undigested into the large intestine. This causes an acid build-up, altering the pH balance in the gut and leading to an imbalance of gut flora and toxins entering the bloodstream. By freeing the digestive tract of excess acid Thrive can help maintain a calm temperament and help reduce the incidence of stable vices and irritability. Thrive contains natural Montmorillonite clay and calcium carbonate which slow down the rate of passage of food through the gut, allowing more efficient digestion and a natural acid balance, thus maintaining a healthy gut environment. This allows the regular feeding of a concentrate diet for maximum performance without the discomfort of indigestion.

  • Helps maintain and even temperament in horses,
  • Slows rate of food passing through the gut,
  • Helps neutralise acid build up and PH balance,