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High quality Micronized Flaked Naked Oats. Optimisation of starch gelatinisation improves digestible energy of Naked Oats across species.

Gelatinised starch has significantly greater susceptibility to amylase degradation than raw starch; gelatinised starch disappears at an increased rate from the rumen - both as bypass carbohydrate and due to microbial utilisation; ileal digestibility is greater than raw starch, across species, and less starch is available for hind gut fermentation. Micronization also disrupts the oil containing cells allowing greater availability for absorption. Stabilisation of the oil reduced the rate of oxidation reducing free radicals.

All species benefit from increased productivity - improved growth and production and improved feed conversion. Micronized Naked Oats have special implications where small intestine amylase production is low (young livestock, companion animals, horses) and where hind gut production of short chain fatty acids are undesirable.

Suitable for all classes of animals & Suitable for all ages.