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Cavalor Strucomix Original has been designed to suit the diets of horses in the wild. Horses were originally prairie animals that used to search all day for grasses and herbs to eat. This can still be seen in their digestive system: a small stomach and a highly developed large intestine. Today horses have to manage on highly concentrated energy feeds, relatively little hay and almost no herbs... in fact contrary to nature.

Strucomix Original is a complete maintenance feed that contains all the natural raw materials a horse would have freely sought itself in the past.


Linseed husks, wheat bran, barley flakes, cane molasses, expanded maize, expanded barley, expanded wheat, maize bran, sunflower seed feed, spelt, pea flakes, alfalfa stems, linseed, palm kernel expeller, alfalfa, wheat gluten feed, barley, soya oil, herbs, carrot chunks, calcium carbonate, broken oil seeds, soya bean hulls (produced from genetically modified soya), spelt bran, sodium chloride, wheat, palm oil & maize gluten feed.

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein 11%, crude fat 4.5%, crude ash 7.5%, crude ?bre 14%, calcium 0.92%, magnesium 0.3%, phosphorus 0.55%, sodium 0.25%, sugar & starch 15%