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Beaphar Care Plus Degu is a very tasty, super premium complete feed. Every pellet has the same composition, so selective feeding will be prevented. The result is no more left-overs and the assurance that a complete diet has been consumed. Care Plus Degu contains vitamin E for the body cells, a suitable amount of crude fibre, aromatic herbs and no added sugar. Disease resistance is supported through the addition of echinacea and spirulina, whilst FOS encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, and the MOS removes the bad bacteria and expels them in the feaces. There is even a handy re-sealable tab to keep it fresher for longer when opened.

Because the feed is so palatable, your degu should readily take to it. However, it's important to change gradually from one feed to another, so mix some old and new feed together for the first few days. An average degu will eat 20-25g Care Plus per day.

Fresh drinking water and unlimited access to fresh hay should be given daily.