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Versele Laga Show Standard with Maize is a maintenance mixture with maize which is suitable for all show pigeon breeds. The specially cleaned and selected grains and seeds form the basis of a balanced feed and keep your show pigeons in optimum health.

Feeding tips

To satisfy specific feeding requirements (e.g. intensive moulting) you sometimes need to adjust the daily feed. You can achieve this by supplementing the standard mixtures with our Colombine Corn Plus I.C.+ pellets.


Wheat 17%, Milo 17%, Small Extra Maize 12%, Small Green Peas 19%, Dun Peas 1%, White Dari 12%, Paddy Rice 5%, Buckwheat 4%, Millet White 3%, Millet Yellow 3%, Peeled Oats 3%, Peeled Barley 1%, Safflower Seed 1%, Hempseed 1% & Black Sunflower Seeds 1%