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Versele Laga Orlux Eggfood Dry Red is extremely suitable for the breeding of red canaries and other birds with red plumage. This eggfood has a coarse structure for a better assimilation and negligible food wastage. The extra added lysine and methionine guarantee an optimal growth and feather composition. Eggfood dry red maintains the red colour of canaries and native birds.

A unique combination of essential amino acids, digestible calcium & L-carnitine. New life is built upon in the breeding period , and amino acids are important in the process of good egg development.

Analytical constituents

Protein 16.50%, Fat content 7%, Crude fibre 2.50%, Crude ash 4.50%, Calcium 1.20%, Phosphorus 0.30%, Sodium 0.45%, Lysine 0.92%, Methionine 0.38%, Cystine 0.34%, Threonine 0.60% & Tryptophan 0.19%