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Versele Laga Depure Plus I.C+ is a complete food for pigeons enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ diet pellet (incl. fresh vegetables and herbs). As a result Depure Plus I.C.+ has a plus value compared to ordinary purification mixtures. This mixture is ideal if you want your pigeons to keep getting the nutrients they need whilst losing weight and improving condition.

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein 12.5%, Crude fat 6.5%, Crude fibre 6%, Crude ash 3%, Carbohydrates 60%, Calcium 0.15%, Phosphorus 0.30%, Sodium 0.03%, Lysine 0.40%, Methionine 0.30%, Cystine 0.22%, Threonine 0.37%, Tryptophan 0.14%


White pigeon wheat 20%, Sudanese White Dari 10%, Red Dari 10%, Safflower seed 8%, White Pigeon Barley 23%, Paddy Rice 10%, Broken Rice 2%, Peeled Oats 4%, Brown Linseed 2%, Black Coleseed 2%, German Thistle Seed 1% & Diet Pellet I.C.+ 8%