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Sheba Tray Fine Recipes food is the perfect treat for discerning cats. Choose from tasty Sheba Fine Recipes varieties and your cat can enjoy a different taste experience every day. Sheba knows what cats like and which food cats enjoy best, and these tasty creations are made with selected, top quality ingredients so every meal is something special.

Sheba Trays provide your cat with a delicious, balanced meal as well as a wide selection of different varieties. And the handy single serving portions in the multipack make it easy to serve your cat fresh food every meal.

Each variety is made without artificial colours and preservatives. Your cat will adore the pure natural taste of these delicious menus.

The Sheba Fine Recipes Trays are available in the following varieties:

    Fine Recipes Veal Chunks
    Fine Recipes Rabbit & Vegetables in Sauce
    Fine Recipes Turkey Chunks in White Sauce
    Fine Recipes Fricassee of Turkey & Vegetables
    Fine Recipes Chicken in Herb Sauce
    Fine Recipes Mixed Pack in Sauce
        3 x Rabbit & Vegetables
        3 x Chicken in Herb Sauce
        3 x Trout & Herbs
        3 x Turkey, Chicken & Vegetables