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NUTRI-GARD is a dietetic feedstuff for use in the management of stress related problems in horses. Gastric ulcers are very often the result of those problems. NUTRI-GARD provides ingredients recommended when negative stress factors create an imbalance between mucus and acid secretions in the stomach. When wetted, NUTRI-GARD absorbs a significant volume of water to form an enriched fibrous gel which maintains regular mucosal protection in a very natural feed form and limits the acid attack which is a major cause of gastric ulceration. Gastric ulceration (EGUS) is a condition of major significance in horses. It can be responsible for underachievement and lack lustre performance in all types of horses as well as missed opportunities and training absences in performance animals. Whereas the cause of the condition is complex, nutritional factors are regarded as a major contributor to the condition. In particular, digestible fibre is known to be essential for gastric health and motility and is regarded as being an essential dietary constituent that will assist in maintaining a normal gut. NUTRI-GARD provides a concentrated source of easily digested soluble fibre so it's completely available to the horse. The Prebiotic Inulin/Oligofructose contained in NUTRI-GARD is a specially selected feed that is beneficial for the growth and colonisation of 'good bacteria' (microorganisms important for good health) within the gastrointestinal tract. Good bacteria in the gut are competitive against pathogenic bacteria which might otherwise overwhelm the good bacteria if they become too numerous. Yeast is also an important source of nutrition to the microorganisms that contribute to a healthy intestinal flora such that feed consumed is best utilized. Magnesium helps the transport systems of the body that maintain water and electrolyte concentrations inside and outside the cell membranes, therby maintaining normal cellular activity. Grain which may represent a high proportion of the diet is typically low in magnesium. It is known that average rested horses if fed well should be able to produce enough of their own Vitamin B requirements, however, race and performance horses may not be able to make sufficient quantities to support their immediate needs, partly because they can only absorb about 25% of what they produce and secondly their requirement increases with stress and digestive disorders. Lecithin is a natural lipid of a type normally found in cells (especially those of the nervous system). It can exhibit surfactant qualities that reduce surface tension on the surface of gastric juices within the stomach. When complexed with the NUTRI-GARD fibre, the lecithin forms a gel on contact with the solution of the water and bicarbonate rich saliva from the mouth secretions thereby improving the protective qualites of the natural mucin layer which acts as a barrier to protect against the acid splashing against the sensitive mucosa.