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Fancy Feeds Mixed Corn, Mixed Corn is an appetising blend of English wheat and cut maize which can be fed to all kinds of poultry, waterfowl and bantams to complement a fully balanced diet of pellets or mash.

Ideally fed as a treat in the afternoon, Mixed Corn provides carbohydrate and fibre calories which are digested by the bird overnight. This helps maintain body temperature which is particularly beneficial during the winter months. Can be scattered on the floor of the pen to help satisfy the birds' instinct to scratch and peck.

  • Complementary Poultry Feed
  • Suitable for All Types of Poultry
  • Also for Waterfowl & Bantams
  • Provides Fibre & Carbohydrates
  • Satisfies Instinct to Peck & Scratch
  • 70% Wheat - 30% Maize

Feeding Guide: A treat of Fancy Feed Mixed Corn and/or kitchen scraps may be fed in the afternoon or evening after the main ration of pellets or mash has been fed. This ensures the birds do not fill themselves with corn in preference to the fully balanced food. Feed Mixed Corn at a rate of no more than 28g/1oz per bird per day in addition to the recommended amount of a fully balanced diet, like Fancy Feed Layers� Pellets. Ensure clean fresh water is available at all times.