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Fancy Feeds Chick Crumb has been uniquely formulated to provide poultry chicks with a complete & balanced diet. Fancy Feeds Chick Crumb is a complete feed suitable for all types of poultry chick, ducklings & goslings. High quality proteins ensure steady muscle & skeletal growth whilst easily digestible carbohydrates give the birds enough energy to stay active. Betaine has been included to reduce the risk of dehydration as Sel-Plex supports the bodies anitoxidants & immune system.

  • Optimises gut health & immune response
  • Medication free
  • Non GM ingredients

Analytical Constituents

Protein 19%, Oil 4.0%, Fibre 4.0%, Ash 6.0%, Copper 25 mg/kg, Methionine 0.4%, Vitamin A 12,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 4,000 IU/kg & Vitamin E 60 IU/kg


Wheat, Extracted Soya Bean Meal, Wheatfeed, Micronised Soya, Grassmeal, Dicalcium Phosphate, Soya Oil, Vitamins and Minerals, Calcium Carbonate, Bio-Mos� (prebiotic 8g/kg) & Sel-Plex�