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Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets are a natural high value feed.  By cutting the grass during its optimum stage of growth & flash drying at a high temperature we are able to lock in all the vitamins & minerals essential to your horses� health & well being.

There are many advantages of using emerald green feeds grass pellets, in a range of situations. They can be used all year round, and in varying amounts, which means your horse�s feeding regime can be tailored to the amount of work it is doing as well as the quantity and quality of grazing that is available. For example, a lower amount of feed may be used during the spring and summer compared to that needed to compensate for the lack of grazing during the autumn and winter months. Using Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets also means that you have the ability to be in total control of your horse�s grass intake so those prone to laminitis can be closely monitored therefore the risk can be greatly reduced.

Another great use of Emerald Green feeds Grass Pellets would be as a feed for horses on box rest as they obviously have no access to grazing at all. Most owners would say their horse looks at its best during summer when grazing is generally in good supply, so why not continue that great health and condition all the year round by using Emerald Green Feeds Grass Pellets.